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"It all starts with the breath..."

Breathwork has been around for centuries but we are now realising that both ancient and modern techniques can help so much with our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

It all starts with the breath...

Meet Rebecca...

After a diagnosis of a chronic illness that left me virtually housebound, I started to look for an alternative way to improve my health and well-being. I set myself the challenge of 365 days of daily yoga - and with a combination of breathwork, yoga, regular Reiki sessions, meditation and mindfulness I gradually started to feel better…a year on and I had halved my medication, no longer needed the walking aides and my quality of life was so much improved…I now (mostly!) control the illness, it no longer controls me.

But my wellness tips are not just aimed at chronic illness sufferers - I genuinely believe they can help anyone and everyone to feel better - little steps, little changes to a happier and healthier you.

And so 'and breathe shop' was born!

Taking Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness as my inspiration to curate carefully chosen products to help you on your wellness journey.

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...and find those little steps...

make time for yourself...

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